And She Lived…

{August 17, 2008}   Can’t Wait To Move

We are moving soon and right this second I could not be happier about that. The neighbors have “their” kids over this weekend. To be honest I am not sure who these kids actually belong to. To be really, really honest I am not sure exactly who lives next door to us and who doesn’t. I know there is a man and his wife (both are likely in their upper 40’s or lower 50’s). I am pretty sure that the wife has a couple of daughters that live there. The daughters are either in their older teens or younger twenties. I think one of them has a boyfriend that either lives there or is at least there most of the time. They had to call the police on him one night about a month or so ago when he was drunk and causing problems. I think that the husband has a son or two living there as well. The son’s are definately in their twenties. There are signs that a baby lives there. These signs would be that the wife bought a highchair from us at our garage sale a few months back and asked if we had any crib sheets for sale, also I have seen them bring other baby related items into the house. I have never actually seen a baby. Maybe one of the daughters is pregnant… but neither looks pregnant. Maybe one of the son’s has a baby on the way from some random “baby’s momma” that doesn’t seem to live with them (yet). There are always people coming and going from their house. Some will seem to stay for days, weeks or months at a time. The houses on this street are of the cookie cutter variety, as in all the houses are exactly the same, inside and out. So… I know their house is only a 3 bedroom because ours is. I really don’t have any idea who officially lives over there but it has to be crowded.

Now back to the kids that are there this weekend. I don’t know who they are. I don’t know who they belong to. My best guess is that they are grandkids and most likely grandkids belonging to the husband. These kids tend to come over and stay for a weekend about once a month. They have NO boundaries. NONE! They play in our yard. They play on our porch. They play with any of my children’s toys that are left outside. I just went out a few minutes ago to take away the baby’s toy horn that one of them was playing. I will now have to sterilize it since it had some strange kids mouth on it. Before I even got back in the house the kid was climbing onto one of my son’s ride on cars. Earlier my husband noticed that they had helped themselves to our kids sidewalk chalk. They’d drawn all over their own driveway and part of ours. Earlier I heard them right outside my window and looked out to find them trying to turn on our outside faucet in an attempt to play with the yellow bug sprinkler. Fortunately our faucet is hard to turn and I always make sure I shut it down by turning it as far and tight as I can. Their plans to waste our water and play in my son’s sprinkler didn’t work out for them.

I am ready to move! I am ready to get out of this neighborhood that is full of families that set no boundaries for their kids. It is not just this one set of neighbors. The family on the other side is the same way. They have a little boy who is 3 or 4 and he runs wherever he wants and touches whatever he wants as well. In the past couple of months they have been better about trying to keep him away from my son’s toys. After one of his favorite toy cars went missing I made sure I let them know I didn’t want him on our porch playing with my son’s things. My biggest complaint about this particular child is that he runs out into the street all the time. I am so afraid he is going to hit by a car, but it seems likely. I don’t want to be the person driving that car! Everyday I worry over that little guy and yet his mother just continues to let him run as if she doesn’t care. Good news… she’s pregnant again. Cause she really needs to be responsible for yet another child.

I like our house. I hate our neighborhood. I will post again on the facts and events of the upcoming move. For now I will just say that 98% of why we are moving is to simply get out of this neighborhood.


{August 16, 2008}   Friday Night

It’s Friday night. A night for partying. A night for going out for dinner and a movie. Date night. Fun night. Hmmm… nope, not for me. Not in my life.

It’s Friday night and I sit with ankles of my pants soaking wet. I sit with chalk on my toes. I sit with peanut butter and jelly smears on my shirt.

My date for the night was a somewhat hyper, but super cute 2 year old. Our evening began with a fantastic dinner of PB&J sandwiches, eaten on the front porch. Jelly oozed from the bread and splattered all over us and the porch. Sticky fingers grabbed my shirt as an excited little face suddenly appeared less than an inch of front of mine. “ah bah blah blah ahhhhhh wah-er” was the excited words shouted at me as I stared into big, beautiful brown eyes. I leaned down from my perch at the edge of the porch and turned the handle to the faucet. Suddenly a huge, yellow, plastic bug sprang to life in the grass shooting water everywhere. The sticky fingers let go of my shirt and off he dashed into the spray. It was not long he was back, grabbing my hands and dragging me along with him. We dashed in and out of the water. He let go of my hand and began to try to splash me with even more water, laughing like it was the funniest thing he had ever done. After we were both soggy we returned to the porch where a bucket of sidewalk chalk awaited us. With water on my mind, as well as my pants, I started to draw pictures of fish. My silly date decided it was funny to scribble out my “artwork”. I tried not to feel insulted as he would obliterate each of my drawings no sooner than I could finish one. It is hard to be mad at someone when they are filling the air around you with the sound of happy laughter. Soon the porch was covered in chalk. So were we. It was time for a few more dashes through the sprinkler to clean off the chalk and then we headed back inside for a movie (cartoons of course).

I sit covered with reminders of how I spent my Friday night. I remember how once upon a time Friday nights were for parties and date. They were a night for going out. Not now. Not any more. Now my Friday nights are filled with something much different. Tonight was a night for my two year old. It was a night for silliness, a night for sprinklers, chalk and PB&J. And I am totally fine with that.

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