And She Lived…

{August 16, 2008}   Friday Night

It’s Friday night. A night for partying. A night for going out for dinner and a movie. Date night. Fun night. Hmmm… nope, not for me. Not in my life.

It’s Friday night and I sit with ankles of my pants soaking wet. I sit with chalk on my toes. I sit with peanut butter and jelly smears on my shirt.

My date for the night was a somewhat hyper, but super cute 2 year old. Our evening began with a fantastic dinner of PB&J sandwiches, eaten on the front porch. Jelly oozed from the bread and splattered all over us and the porch. Sticky fingers grabbed my shirt as an excited little face suddenly appeared less than an inch of front of mine. “ah bah blah blah ahhhhhh wah-er” was the excited words shouted at me as I stared into big, beautiful brown eyes. I leaned down from my perch at the edge of the porch and turned the handle to the faucet. Suddenly a huge, yellow, plastic bug sprang to life in the grass shooting water everywhere. The sticky fingers let go of my shirt and off he dashed into the spray. It was not long he was back, grabbing my hands and dragging me along with him. We dashed in and out of the water. He let go of my hand and began to try to splash me with even more water, laughing like it was the funniest thing he had ever done. After we were both soggy we returned to the porch where a bucket of sidewalk chalk awaited us. With water on my mind, as well as my pants, I started to draw pictures of fish. My silly date decided it was funny to scribble out my “artwork”. I tried not to feel insulted as he would obliterate each of my drawings no sooner than I could finish one. It is hard to be mad at someone when they are filling the air around you with the sound of happy laughter. Soon the porch was covered in chalk. So were we. It was time for a few more dashes through the sprinkler to clean off the chalk and then we headed back inside for a movie (cartoons of course).

I sit covered with reminders of how I spent my Friday night. I remember how once upon a time Friday nights were for parties and date. They were a night for going out. Not now. Not any more. Now my Friday nights are filled with something much different. Tonight was a night for my two year old. It was a night for silliness, a night for sprinklers, chalk and PB&J. And I am totally fine with that.


Chel says:

I love Friday nights… because we stay in as a family and have easy food and hang out and play.

Childlife says:

Awww… this post is beautiful, Kim! You just described my favorite sort of date — doesn’t get any better than PBJ’s and sidewalk chalk! 😉

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