And She Lived…

{September 10, 2008}   Always an Excuse…. to be continued

I don’t normally do more than one post in a day. I just don’t like to do it, but I find it necessary today. This place is not just for me to ramble on about my job issues. I didn’t intend for this blog to be a place to do a rundown of what I am up to from day to day. I wanted it to be deeper than that. To be more a work of my heart and mind.

I have so many things that I want to post about and just haven’t found the time, energy or the right words. Things like how I don’t fit in at the mommy groups. Then there is the subject of honesty in blogging, how my daughter is so different from me and how my son is so much like me. There is how many see Meechi as a spoiled brat when the outbursts they see are really a part of the SPD. My life, my love, my fears and dreams. All of it I want to blog about and yet I seem to avoid the topics by finding excuses for not posting. Like right now… I sat down to post about how my husband losing his job, no his chosen career, more than a year ago has affected who he is and ultimately our marriage. BUT… now the baby is crying and I have to attend to him. There is always something that keeps me from getting out what truly lies within my heart and mind.

Soon! I hope I can do it soon.

Oh! Need to say thanks to Deb at Mom of 3 Girls for blessing me with this little award.

It’s great to know my blog is loved by someone other than just me.

I am passing this on to: Chel at Chasing Contentment and Sheila at My memories. There are many more blogs I love but I am going to keep this to just two.


Sheila says:

Aw, thanks! I love your blog too!

Chel says:

Well, aren’t you the sweetest thing?! I’m surprised when people READ my blog, much less LOVE it! Thank you for such a wonderful compliment!

Chel says:

Oh, and I think it’s always super to blog about deep and emotional things. But, in truth, I also think that most of what we learn in life and can share with others happens in those mundane, often difficult, daily life things. Hang in there.

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