And She Lived…

{September 10, 2008}   Job Limbo

I am still not working. The kid (yes kid, because he is only in his 20’s and looks like he is about 16) that manages the ice cream shop hasn’t gotten me on the schedule yet. I thought he was going to get me on for this week. He didn’t. He made it sound like he was going to move things around and work me in. Okay, he didn’t just make it sound like he was going to do that, he said he was going to do that. Didn’t happen.

I am choosing to look at it as a positive and enjoying the extra week at home with the little one. Speaking of the little one… Meechi is extra clingly the last couple of days. I think he missed me for the week and a half that I worked and now he is attached like glue, worried I am leaving again. Sadly, I am. I just wish there was some way to assure him that it’s not permanant. That I will be back every day after just a few hours. I know somewhere deep down he knows mommy’s aren’t always forever. Someday he will know that this mommy is.

Honestly if I had known I wasn’t going to start work this week at the ice cream shop I would have stuck it out one more week at the job from hell. I would have hated it… but I also hate knowing that I am not making any money right now. Bills to pay!!!

The whole job thing is in limbo right now anyway. I got a call on Monday to come for an interview for a job that kind of… well, I don’t know how to put it really. I called this place on whim to see if they had openings, not really thinking they would. Well, they did. It’s really weird they did, especially this time of year. Sorry to be so vague but I am not wanting to jinx anything here. Annnnnnnnnnnyyyywaaaaayyyy…. I called them on a whim and left a message. I got a call back later that day saying they had an opening and could I come in the next day and fill out an application and leave a resume. So I did. That was last Wedensday. Monday they called for an interview and today I interviewed. I think it went well but they had a couple of other people left to interview. They are going to be calling at the end of the week for 2nd interviews. I HATE 2nd interviews, why isn’t one enough??? I will be thankful for a callback though if I get one. This would be sort of the dream job for me. Soooo… fingers crossed.

I would feel bad calling the kid at the ice cream shop and turning down the job AGAIN. But, this other job would be a good thing. Good hours and a great opportunity for me. We’ll see. I am not totally “qualified” as in no formal trainging but it’s something I know I can do (and have done to some degree) and would love the chance to prove myself.

Oh! I also got a call from W*endy’s today for an interview. I said I would go, but I’m not sure if i will or not. It’s not like I really want to work there. Flippin burgers is not my ideal job. BUT, the thing about w’s is that they offer their employees adoption benefits, which means they help cover some of the costs of adopting. That is the main reason I put in an application there. Just in case we decide to adopt again in a year or two. Tar*get also has adoption benefits. T offers $3000 and I can’t remember what W’s offers for sure. I know someone who is a manger at the T right down the street and could probably get a job there with his recommendation. I hate working retail though (especially with the holidays coming), but I will keep the idea in mind.

So, for now the whole job thing is in limbo. I really need something to fall in place soon. Of course i would really love to stay home with Meech all the time, but since I don’t think I’m gonna win the lottery anytime soon, that’s not a realistic option.


Job searches always suck. Although the week home with Meechi is nice. What I wouldn’t give to be able to spend a week at home. I’m glad you out of the hell job, waiting on the ice cream job is not a bad thing, and the possibility of something you like more is good. My opinion, skip the red headed burger place. 😉

Sheila says:

I’ll cross my fingers too, that this new prospect work out! Once he sees you coming back home each day, Meechi will begin to adjust and even one day realize that you are his forever mommy. 🙂

Chel says:

I’ve got the perfect book for you and Meechi. It’s called “When Mama Comes Home Tonight.”

I’ve got a copy I’ll be happy to send you if you want. Drop me an email & I’ll put it in the mail to you and Meechi.

Oh I hope that you get the job that you really want! Or at least that the ice cream shop kid will get his act in order. 🙂

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