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{September 14, 2008}   The scoop

okay, so here’s the scoop on the job issue. I did not hear back from the place I interviewed with last week. She said she would get back to me by the end of the week about a 2nd interview if they were interested in hiring me. I guess they weren’t interested. My husband keeps telling me that they may not have called becuase they were probably closed on Friday due to the weather. (we were getting some effects from Ike even all the way up here. the whole west side of town flooded, it rained so much within 24 hours. of course we live on the west side. no damage here though, thank God.) He says I may still hear from them. I don’t know, maybe… but I’m not counting on it. I am not really worried about it though because like I said before, it was all just on a whim that I called them and it was total shock that they had anything open and even more of a shock that i got an interview at all. (i am thinking there was a reason for this whole thing that had nothing to do with a job, but i will post about that later)

So…. tomorrow I start work at the ice cream shop. I finally heard from the kid and he had re-arranged the schedule to get me the shift I really wanted. He had been going to give me 11-5. That would have been ok because i would have gotten mornings with Meechi. I hate working as late as 5 though because it makes it seem as though you have no time for yourself in the evenings. It would have been an ok shift though. But NOW, I am going to get to work 8-3. It’s an extra hour a day, so there will be another 5 hours of pay on my checks. So that is nice. But what is really great is that the ice cream shop is like 2 or 3 blocks from Bucky’s school. His school day is 8-3:10. So this means I can drop him off, go to work and then after school he can just walk over and meet me at the car and we can go home from there. Works out perfect. Oh! and the whole McWifi thing (i am still having to do that because we haven’t decided to fork over money for internet service again yet) is going to work well for me now too. The McD’s is right next to the ice cream shop. So I can just bring my laptop and check email and blogs while i wait for Buck to walk over from his school. See? Perfect!

While this isn’t my dream job, it just seems to work well for the family right now. And THAT is the most important thing!


Glad to see the ice cream shop has worked out in the end! And that you go the hours you wanted. That’s really great. 🙂

Jenny says:

The scoop — ice cream job — haha — no pun intended, right?

Anyway, stopped by to catch up. Sounds like a perfectly convenient job. I hope you end up loving it!

It sounds like it’s going to work out perfectly for now – and that’s awesome! 🙂

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