And She Lived…

{September 22, 2008}   and we continue

A couple of posts or more back I posted a “to be continued”. Well, I suppose this is the continuation.

I have continued to not have time to post. To not have time to think really. So there are no deep thoughts or wise comments in todays post. There is no well thought out plan to this post. It is what it is, because that is what I have time (and energy) for.

I am home from work today with strep throat. I feel like I swallowed a whole barrel full of glass. What makes it worse though is that this is my 2nd week of work and I had to call in sick. Oh, but it gets worse than that. I had to call in last Thursday as well because Meechi was sick. So I have a great record going so far. My 2nd week of work and I have already called in twice. Doesn’t that just make me look like a great employee?

Other than that the job is ok. It’s a job. That is pretty much it. It’s not fun but it’s not horrible either. In fact, a great deal of the time it is just boring. They are not busy except at certain times of day and the rest of the time I am looking around for something to do. I hate to stand around and do nothing, although there are a couple other people working there that don’t seem to mind doing nothing. Oh well. The whole thing is temporary anyway. I have decided that I need to take a class and get certified to do a job I can do online. (more on this later) That way I can work from home. I am having serious guilt about not being home with Meechi because his issues seem to be increasing or getting more severe. I am frustrated to say the least.

The poor Meech had a rash over about 80% of his body. Well, technically he had 3 rashes. Yep, that’s right, he had 3 different rashes going at the same time. Talk about craziness! Poor little guy. He was miserable. He’d had a fever for a few days and when it broke the first of the rashes appeared, quickly followed by the 2nd and then a couple of days later a 3rd. I took him to the Dr on Wed (which he HATES going to the Dr) and he kicked and screamed while his Dr calmly attempted to look at his various rashes. It amazes me how she can just keep so calm and be so down to business when she has an angry 2yo screaming like she’s killing him and trying to kick her teeth in. Anyway… she managed to get a good enough look to decide that there were 3 different rashes going on and she prescribed him 4 meds. 3 different ointments and an oral anitbiotic. It’s been tons of fun greasing him down with all those meds, let me tell ya. Of course the real fun comes in trying to analyze which patch of skin needs which type of ointment. It’s all clearing up, so I guess I have managed to guess right.

The 3rd rash is actually something he has done to himself. Due to the SPD (at least the oral part of it since he has several different sensory issues) he has started licking his hand a LOT. When he licks it he then runs it down his chin. So due to the saliva and constant rubbing on his chin… in comes impetigo. Yuck! If you’ve never seen this stuff, be thankful and pray you never do. Not pretty. Especially not on an adorable little face. One of his other rashes is excema (hopefully i spelled that right). His Dr says he has extremely sensitive skin and he is going to be very prone to rashes his whole life. Wonderful news! Ha!

So it’s tons of fun around our house right now. I wouldn’t let an outsider step into this germ ridden home for anything right now.

I talked to his Dr about his sensory issues and his speech delay while I was there. I told her how the early intervention program he is in doesn’t seem to be doing much for him at all. Half (probably more than half actually) of the things they said they would do, they still have not done. It has been more than 6 months now and they have done none of the testing they said they were going to do. He gets one visit from a… whatever the hell she is, I am not sure exactly what they call EI workers… anyway, he gets one visit a week and she plays with him for 15-20 minutes and then spends the next 15-20 minutes writing stuff down. He is gaining NOTHING from these visits. More frustration. So……… I told the Dr about all of this and she gave him a referral to go see a PT, OT, speech therapist and audiologist. Thank God! Finally we are going to get something productive done.

As far as my own issues of posting on this blog goes… I think I am just going to type up a ton of posts in Word that I want to write when I have some time and then just post one whenever I get a chance. My online time is seriously close to nothing right now. Of course if I decide to take that online course we will HAVE to get internet service again. hee hee hee!


kimmie says:

Well yucky.

I hope you guys are feeling better soon and the docs can help meechi.

Chel says:

Both of my kids have excema. Have you had Meechi tested for any allergies or asthma? They often go hand in hand. I know it sounds icky, but limit his baths. The water makes the excema worse. You can use a cortizone cream on it when it gets really bad. We’ve used lots of maintenance creams, and I can recommend some good ones, both cheap and not-so.

Hang in there. The excema at least is something you can keep in check with some basics.

My word, I have to agree you’ve got some serious yuckiness going on with the illness. I hope Meech feels better soon. Impetigo is gross, my brother used to get it when he was little too. It’s frustrating, but you both will get better. I just hope it happens sooner rather than later for you!

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