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{October 2, 2008}   Desperately Seeking Blogs

For years now I have been reading adoption blogs. It was because of adoption that I first learned what the heck a blog even was. As we went through the process I searched for info on adopting and came across online journals of other families adopting. Blogs! What a wonderful concept. It was a fantastic way to learn about what we could expect to face while adopting as well as way to meet other families who were going through the same things we were. After we got Meechi home I continued to follow along on the blogs I had been reading. Then after Meech was home for awhile I started searching out more adoption blogs. I was looking for blogs of families that were in process. There was something magical about following along on their journeys to find their child.

Following along also kept the memories of our own adventure alive. The good memories. Not the horrible ones that were caused by the agency we used. (i am so not getting into that right now) By reading about families meeting their child for the first time and experiencing the wonders of bonding, I was transported back to those special days of our own. It reminded me of all the good in the journey and helped me to forget (or at least not dwell on) the bad.

Now, as I read blogs of families in process it makes me kind of sad. We had hoped to be able to adopt again. It’s just not a realistic option for us though. As much as we would love to adopt another child, we are just not financially in a place where we can. We could wait a few years and try then, but the truth is that we are not getting any younger. If we are not able to adopt within the next year or two, we feel it would be too late for us. So, reading the blogs makes me a bit sad. It makes me miss what I’ll never have.

So…. I went through my reader today and deleted several blogs I had been reading. I kept some. The families who are due to travel very soon are still in there. I have followed them this far and I do not want to miss out on their joy. For those not that far in the process though, I decided to delete. I also deleted some of families who have been home for a few months now. My reader subscriptions dropped by about half.

Now I am looking for new blogs to read. Not that I necessarily need to find more blogs, but I want to anyway. I enjoy reading them and getting to know people. I enjoy making friends in the blogging world. So, for all the blog friends that I already have… I put a challenge to you. Okay, it’s not so much a challenge as it is just a simple request. You know who I am. You’ve read my posts and so have seen the real me. You know the kinds of things I think and do. Now I am asking for you to share some blogs with me. Is there a blog that you read that you just KNOW I would love? Someone that I can relate to. Someone who could become a new blog friend. I could just click all your links and find one that way, but I really don’t have that kind of time on my hands. So I am asking for you to share just one or two blogs that you think would be perfect for me to read.


Sheila says:

One of my favorite blogs to read is “The Things We Do” by Mimi.

I read so many blogs I don’t always keep up with them. Life happens sometimes. And a lot of them are photography related. But here are a few to browse:

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