And She Lived…

{October 14, 2008}   Warning… your hair will thank you for listening

If you ever:

Have trouble sleeping at night and you’re tossing and turning and your nightie (okay… t-shirt) is getting all twisted around you and your hair keeps getting in your face or trapped in the pillow and preventing you from getting comfortable and sleeping


Get out of bed at 3am and find a pair of scissors, head into the bathroom and start chopping at your hair in hopes that making it shorter will stop the problem and you will be able to get comfy and go to sleep

If so:

you will likely still not get comfortable and need to get back up and change the darn shirt or just take it off. You will then finally get comfy enough to sleep but will then wake up a couple hours later to the startling realization that you have chopped off half of your hair.

You will then:

Jump out of bed, run to the bathroom and pray that it was all just a dream. Once facing yourself in the mirror you will realize it was not a dream and you have now managed to make yourself look like awful since you now have short, poofy, mushroom shaped hair on your head instead of the long flowing curls that get compliments everywhere you go.  (or at least it used to)
Take this advice to heart from your friend here… the one with the short, poofy, mushroom shaped hair!!!


All this and NO pictures? Thanks for stopping by today!

Seriously? Wow. Crud. We definitely need to see pictures.

Oh no, you didn’t really do this? This brings new meaning to sleep walking. Maybe it’s sleep scissoring instead. I see a trip to the salon in your future then. 😉

Chel says:

Ok, come on, I’m gonna need some pictures.

kimmie says:

Somehow “oops” or “aw crap” doesn’t cover it.

How about “It’ll grow back!”?

My hair’s too short to do that to unless I get out my DH and son’s set of clippers. :0)

Sheila says:

As someone with OCD, my hair has been an unfortunate victim of scissors on more occasions than I can to mention.

It always grows back out!

[…] Okay, so I promised quite awhile back to post photos of my hair. You know, after the whole sleep haircutting incident. Well, I my usb cord was lost in the abyss known as my sons room misplaced, so I haven’t been […]

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