And She Lived…

{October 16, 2008}   About the Hair

Yes! I really did that. I have not taken pictures yet… but I will. and yes, I will even post them here.

There is some good news in this. I tried straightening my hair to see how it would look straight. It’s actually really cute! Shy even saw it and said “wow, you look pretty”. Like it was a major shock her mother could actually look pretty. Snot!

I haven’t straightened my hair in months because it’s such a pain to straighten it. Especially when it was long. Until it grows back out I guess I will have to live with having to straighten it, because the alternative is too scary to face.

Pictures soon… I promise


Jenny says:

I can’t believe you did that to your hair! OMG! I’m glad that it at least looks good straight. I’m dying to see the pics.

At least I only have wacky dreams at night. You have wacky actions!

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