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{October 17, 2008}   Age… it’s sneaky

Age is funny in that you really don’t even notice it happening to you. The saying about how it sneaks up on you is so true. I mean, I don’t feel any older today than I did yesterday. That can be said of all my today’s and yesterdays over the past 36 years. Every day you wake up, you don’t feel any older than you did the day before, but it’s certainly happened. I feel older than I felt 10 years ago, and much older than I felt 15 years ago. But we don’t notice it as it’s happening. It’s very subtle. So we go on day to day not feeling any older than we did the day before. Of course it’s all just an illusion. The changes are so tiny and insugnificant as they happen that we don’t even notice. Age is indeed sneaky that way.


I got to thinking about how age sneaks up on you the other day when I was posting about Shy dating. I jotted down those thoughts and that is what you see above.

A blog friend is thinking about age right now too. She celebrated her birthday a couple days ago. Go wish her a happy one (even if it’s a little late).


Hi Kim! I certainly never thought I would be a thirty-something new mommy. I always think about the fact that my brother and I were teens when my mom was my age. It certainly does sneak up on you! I pray that I can keep all the advice given to me to enjoy every second of our baby as everyone warns he or she will be dating before we know it! I know I am amazed when I see my good friends’ children all grown up when I swear they were little yesterday 🙂

Hugs – Dawn

Mama Zen says:

It does sneak up on you! I have a birthday next month, and I just can’t believe that I’m really this old!

We really must be on the same wavelength lately. Tell me do you feel better about aging now?Because I don’t! :o(

I couldn’t agree with you more. That one more year, it doesn’t seem like a lot but then eventually you start to feel it in the body. I don’t really mind aging, it’s a fact of life. I just want to make sure I live the way I want to first. Somehow I think that would probably make aging harder.

And yep, the lying got my step daughter in way more trouble than the smoking!

bqkimmy says:

Dawn: 30 something new mom’s are the best. we know more than the 20 somethings. I know because I have been a 20something new mom AND a 30 something new mom.

Mama Zen: Enjoy the birthday and ignor the number attached to it.

Thinkinfyou: I actually really am ok with aging right now. I owe that to my parents. They are at an age that I used to think of as old and yet they both have so much youthfullness. They are awesome and inspirational.

Killashandra: Living the way you want is a great way to make the years worthwhile

Jen E says:

Yes, age is DEFINITELY sneaky!!! Thanks for sending b-day wishes to me! It made my day!

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