And She Lived…

{October 21, 2008}   How Did I End Up In This Book?

I feel like I am living in one of those Chick Lit novels. You know, the ones where they main character is somewhat dingy and confused but in a totally lovable kind of way. Her life is totally messed up and she just keeps on doing embarassing, stupid things that mess her life up even more instead of fixing it like she thinks they will. As you read you sort of cringe and think to yourself, “why are you doing that you dingbat. it’s just going to blow up in your face.”  Ya… that’s me. Fortunately those books have happy endings and the girl always walks away a better person for all she’s gone through.

I am ready for that happy ending now.

For those wondering what I did about the job and babysitter situation, here is the answer. I quit. Anyone surprised? Probably not. I wasn’t. Well, I was a little surprised at exactly how the decision was made. My husband made it for me. He made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. (insert image of mafia boss here. heehee)

Seriously though he made the most incredible, unselfish offer. He said he would work two jobs so that I could stay home with Meechi. He wanted what was best for our son and in his opinion that was for me to be home with him. I had to agree with that point.

I asked if he really, really wanted to do this. I mean, of course he didn’t want to work two jobs but I needed to know that he wanted to do this for us. He did. He made several good points and explained exactly how he was feeling and well… here we are. He is working two jobs now and I am once again staying at home with Meechi.

It’s been a good decision. I have already had to take Meech to several appointments I wouldn’t have trusted the sitter to take him to. Also we are getting his testing done so we can get his IEP for when he turns three in a couple of months. I had no idea they did an IEP for preschoolers, but they do. He is in the middle of being evaluated in all areas of development to determine his placement.

I am also taking him to more playgroups and story time and all those super fun for a 2yo things. It is helping with his social skills which, trust me, need a lot of work.

Anyway……….. back to the chick lit reference. The whole going back to work thing and then quiting not just one job but two right away, that kind of makes me cringe. That totally feels like some catastrophe from one of these books. I am just waiting to see if any of it comes back to bite me in the butt.

Well this post has turned into a jumbled up mess of random babbling so I am going to stop it here. Besides I have a 2yo climbing on me demanding attention. Ah…. it’s good to be home again.


I’m glad you’re feeling better. I’m sad your husband has to work 2 jobs but then I’ve been there too. Sometimes you just have to suck it up for what’s best for the family you love and carry on. I hoping this means no more night attacks on your hair. 😉

Sheila says:

Kudos to your husband for his decision! I do not think this will come back to bite you in the rear as it is the best thing for Meechi right now.

It won’t be easy – your husband may be more tired and you may not see him as much, but the rewards will outweigh the down side!

I think you need to do whatever’s best for your family – and what an awesome hubby you’ve got to be able and willing to do what it takes so that you can stay home. Congrats! 🙂

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