And She Lived…

{October 23, 2008}   Well that’s just patheti-sad

Okay, so I’ve been on Facebook for awhile now. I haven’t really paid much attention to it though until recently. Not sure why. Just one more thing to waste my time instead of doing something productive I guess. Anyway…. I decided I would search for some friends and found a few from work. Ya, I know I am not working but from when I did work. I found a couple of people. So then I decided I would search for some friends from high school. That ought to be fun.

I searched for my bff from high school. She wasn’t on there. It occured to me then that the 2nd f in bff really doesn’t count. We aren’t bf’s anymore. Hell, we ain’t even f’s. Hmmm! So I was going to look up some other friends from high school. Let’s see there was Karla. But what the heck was her last name? Ummmm… no clue. Okay, maybe she wasn’t such a close friend afterall. The how about….. ummmmmmm… think, think think….

Nothing. Couldn’t come up with another female friend. None.

Okay then, I’ll search male friends. I came up with a couple but they weren’t on Facebook. Okay there has to be somebody.  But once again I couldn’t come up with anyone else. Hell, even the two I had come up with weren’t really friends. We talked in school but not outside of school really.

That’s when it hit me. I really didn’t have more than a couple of friends in high school. Then it hit me that even that is more than I have now. I really don’t have close friends anymore. The ones I do have are family so that doesn’t seem to count as much. I mean, would they be friends if they weren’t family??? I have a couple of people I call friends but we never get together and do things together.

(sigh) No wonder I spend so much time in the blog world


Do you like facebook? I’ve never tried it before. And it occurs to me it might be kinda fun if I actually found someone. 😉

Mama Zen says:

I don’t do Facebook . . . for exactly that reason!

bqkimmy says:

Hmmm… I have now become a Facebook addict. I am like a junkie just looking for one more piece of flair to get me through the day. Someone save me from myself!!!!!

and I think that pretty much answers your question Killashandra.

MamaZen: smart choice on your part

Chel says:

Oh, sweetie. I think not having a lot of close friends is just a sign of growing up. We’ve all got so much going on with our families and such that we just can’t manage lots of time to devote to developing friendships. Sad but normal, I think.

I’ll find you on Facebook & friend you. How’s that? 🙂

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