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{October 24, 2008}   Out of Time For Halloween

Halloween is fast approaching. And yes, I realize that I never got around to posting craft idea, recipes or stories. My plan to do so sort of fizzled out as life through enough at me to keep me busy. Unfortunately my plan to make Meechi’s costume fizzled out too.

This makes me a little bit sad. I make the kids costumes every year. I hate the store bought things. I think they’re ugly and unoriginal. I think they’re overpriced and cheaply made. (sigh) I am using one this year though. I have only ever done this once before and that was the Halloween right after 9/11 when no one really felt like celebrating and everyone wondered if it was even safe to do so.

I have to admit that I am not really that sad about using a store bought costume this year though. No really, I’m not. Why? Because this costume is coming to me through an act of kindness and friendship. Kindness and friendship from someone I barely know. Cool when that happens isn’t it?

You see, I made a little comment on my Facebook page about how I was afraid I was out of time and would have to buy my son a costume this year. Someone I had just added to my friends list two days before commented asking what he was going to be. I answered that he was supposed to be going as Nemo, but since I was out of time and I didn’t think I could find a Nemo costume that he would probably be something else.

 Now, this is someone I met once. I know her just a bit through adoption groups online. She lives in the same town as me. She had a garage sale this past summer to raise money for her families adoption. They are adopting from Kyrgyzstan, which is just south of Kazakhstan which is of course where Meechi was born. Anyway, long story longer…. I went to her garage sale to buy some stuff and help her cause. I talked to her for a bit while I was there. That is my one and only real life contact with her. Soooo….

When she offered to let me borrow a Nemo Costume from the Disney store that she just happened to have, I was floored by the offer. It was such a sweet and generous offer to loan a costume to someone you’ve met only once. She has an amazingly kind and generous soul. It shows in her blog. Truly! So you see, there is no way I could really be sad about him getting to use this costume.

So now Meechi gets to be Nemo despite the fact that his mother is a terrible slacker and put off making a costume until it was too late.

And since I am not making the costume and you won’t get to see my wonderfully mad costume making skills this year……….  I will tell you what I was going to do.

The plan was to make a very unique Nemo costume. You see, just the head was going to be the fish. I was going to use a hat, either the kind with earflaps or a ski mask, orange of course. Something that would cover all of his head but leave his face showing. Then I was going to sew a tail and stuff it to give it a good size and shape. I would then sew it onto the back of the hat. I was also going to sew some fins for the side and the top. Then of course I was going to get a shimmery white material to make the stripes and sew them onto the hat. I would then draw some fishy scales onto the hat. Once the hat was on his head, I would have painted his sweet fact orange. So, his face would be Nemo’s little fishy face and the rest of his head would be the little fishy body. Cute, eh?

Ah, but that’s not all! I was also going to get some blue sweats and draw water lines on them to make it look like the ocean. I was also going to draw Marlin and Dory and a couple of other characters on the sweats to look like they were in the ocean. So the overall effect would be that Nemo (meechi’s head and face) would be swimming atop the ocean (the sweats he would be wearing).

Doesn’t that sound like a great idea? And you can see why there is no way I could pull that off in a week.


Oh! and if you want to find some great Halloween posts, go visit Three Peas In A Pod.


Sounds like a wonderful idea. I like the idea of him swimming with the fish head above the water. However, the load of the nemo costume was a very sweet gesture and I hope he loves wearing it for Halloween. 🙂

Oh I’m sure he’ll be an adorable Nemo either way – and what a great friend you found to be able to help out! 🙂

Sheila says:

Your costume idea sounds great, but the kindness of an almost stranger makes the costume he will be wearing seem more special!

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