And She Lived…

{October 25, 2008}   Bloggin’ bout food

I came across a cool recipe blog today. It posts copycat recipes of some of your favorite foods or meals from restaurants. It is called The Secret Recipe Blog. I even found the recipe for Chili’s southwest vegetable soup there. Chili’s doesn’t serve this soup here anymore because it wasn’t popular enough in this area, but we love it.

My new resolution to myself is to expand my taste in foods. My family eats the same meals over and over and over again. So in order to add a little variety to our meals I am planning to try some types of food we have never had. This means reaching out to other cultures for recipe ideas. In searching around I came across a good blog for Indian food recipes. I decided that Indian food would be our first step outside our box. The blog is Art Of Cooking Indian Food.

And did you know there is a blog dedicated to pasta? Well, there is. I am excited about this one because pasta is about the only thing everyone in this family will all eat. And that includes the super picky two year old. Check out the Pasta Recipe Blog.

Okay, I’ll stop there. In case you can’t tell I’ve gone on a major recipe search today. I am in the mood to create some wonderful meals instead of just cook like I usually do.


edited to add:

for some cute Halloween meal ideas check out THIS post.

of course that post led me to Gourmet Mon On The Go which has fantastic ideas for getting the kiddos to eat some things they might normally not want to.


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