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{October 26, 2008}   Attack of The Killer Tomatoes Week

Keeping with my sudden fascination with cooking and recipes I am going to post a recipe each day this week. Of course I can’t just post recipes. No, I gotta throw my own twist on things. Since this is Halloween week I am going with that theme. Sort of.

Who doesn’t love the film Attack of the Killer Tomatoes? Okay, so most of you have probably never seen it but trust me it’s awesome. Awesome in a corny, B movie kind of way. It’s a great movie to view if you are having your own Mystery Science Theater 3000 style party.  Hmmmm… I’ve just given away my own secret geekiness, haven’t I?

Well, anyway… I figure Attack of the Killer Tomatoes sort of fits a Halloween theme. It was supposed to be a scary movie. You know, back in the day.

Check back here all this week for recipes starring TOMATOES as a key ingredient.

(funny thing is… i actually hate tomatoes. at least the raw ones. i love em cooked up in recipes though. is that weird?)


Jenny says:

Atta-a-ack of the Killer to-ma-toes,
ATTA-A-ACK of the Killer TO-MA-TOES…

I actually randomly sing that song sometimes. Love that movie. It’s a cult classic, as far as I’m concerned.

And I agree that it’s perfect for MST3K!

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I remember that movie! In high school we had one of those b moviefest nights and watched it and the giant ant one too I think. What a riot! LOL

Chel says:

I like tomatoes cooked but not fresh. But to flip that even further, I could eat fresh salsa with tomatoes till I puked. 🙂

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