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{October 27, 2008}   Italian Sausage and Pepper Penne

My first recipe for Attack of The Killer Tomato week is Italian sausage and pepper penne. I love this recipe not just because it’s tasty but also because I created this recipe myself. Okay, so it’s not like it’s an original concept or anything, but I have never used a recipe for this. I just bought what I thought should go in it, chopped it up, cooked it and it turned out great.


3 Tbsp Olive Oil
1/4 cup finely chopped white onion
2 Tbsp minced garlic
1 large Red bell pepper
1 large Yellow bell pepper
1 small Green bell pepper
2 cans Italian style diced tomatoes
6 Italian sausage links
1 package whole grain penne pasta
salt and pepper to taste

(I am not going to write the directions in the traditional recipe way. I’ll just run you through they hows and whys of how i make this dish.)

I start by putting water on to boil for the pasta. While waiting for that to boil I start my sauce. In a large skillet I heat the olive oil and add the garlic and chopped white onion. (i use white onion because i prefer the taste over yellow onions but you could use whichever you prefer) In a different skillet I start to cook the Italian sausage. (i use a seperate pan for the sausage because it gives off so much grease and i don’t want that in my sauce) I saute the garlic and onion until they are starting to turn a golden brown then I add the red and yellow peppers and saute for about 5 minutes before adding the green peppers. (i add the green peppers later simply for the fact that I don’t like green peppers as well and they have a stronger taste. by adding them last they lend less of their flavor to the sauce. again, this is just my personal taste and can be changed to fit your own tastes.) In the meantime the water has begun to boil and I’ve added the penne to boil.

Saute the veggie mix until the peppers are tender, then add the 2 cans of tomatoes. I have made this with fresh tomatoes as well and it is good both ways. For me it is just a convenience thing to use canned. It takes less time to cook and by using the Italian style I already have them seasoned. If you use fresh tomatoes you will want to add oregano, basil and some extra garlic. (like i said, canned is easier) Add salt and pepper to taste. I will usually add an extra tsp of garlic as well because I love garlic. Once the sausage is done I cut it into slices and add it to the sauce, being careful not to transfer the grease into the sauce.

Simply plate up some penne and top with the sauce. A delicious pasta meal with the healthier options of whole grain pasta and lots of veggies.


*another shortcut I will often take when making this meal is to microwave the sausage links for a few minutes. It helps them to cook quicker. I don’t know why but for some reason these things seem to take forever to get done in the middle. Microwaving helps them cook quicker inside. I then slice them up and finish them in a skillet.


Mama Zen says:

This sounds REALLY good!

Chel says:

I hate Italian sausage, but everyone else in my family would gobble this up!

Jen E says:

This sounds AWESOME!!!! I’m going to have to try it this week. My kids won’t eat it but I can make them spagetti alfredo and they’ll be happy. Thanks for sharing!!!

I will have to try it! Our members would love this site!


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