And She Lived…

{October 29, 2008}   Question For My Readers

I am not entirely sure I like wordpress. I am actually thinking about going back to posting over at my old Bitter Ball blog. I really am done with the whole bitter phase of my life, but I did like blogger a bit more and already have some page rank over there. If I went back to using that blog I would probably rename it and change the look, creating some sort of changeover/makeover post.

So… for those who followed me from there to here, what do you think? Also, anyone who is a new reader since I started posting here, I would love your opinion too. Would you follow me back over to the old blog?

I really do want to hear some opinions on this. Thank everyone.


Sheila says:

I would follow you back over and even help with any changes you might want. 🙂

Jen E says:

Whatever makes you happy, darlin’. I’ll follow you anywhere.

kimmie says:

I think I like Blogger better…..I’ll follow you back if you want the switch.

I’d follow you back. Although I use wordpress and love it. Maybe it’s the template you don’t like.

Ice Cream says:

I will follow you… follow you wherever you will go. Oooooh. There isn’t an ocean too deep, or mountain so high you could keep… keep me away. Away from your blog.

I’ll follow you wherever you go – but if you have any questions or need any help with WordPress, I can maybe help! I’d be happy to try, anyway. 🙂

I agree that we will follow where ever you go. This wordpress layout looks two dimensional and you did fabulous things with your bitter ball blog…

Jenny says:

I will follow you anywhere. I’ve only ever used wordpress, so I don’t have an opinion on which is better. I do know that the longer I’ve used it and learned it, the more I’ve liked it. I did try several templates before I found one that did what I liked. If blogger met your needs and you liked it, then go on back.

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