And She Lived…

{November 1, 2008}   November already

I can’t believe it’s November already. This year has gone by so quickly.

Last month I posted about it being Sensory Processing Disorder awareness month. I wanted to do one more post before October was over, but the month just got away from me. Now, it’s November and it is time for Adoption awareness month. And you know I am going to have something to say about adoption. It has certainly changed this family’s life for the better!  So, look forward to lots of posts about the benefits of adoption, as well as some Meechi cuteness.

I have also been thinking about doing NaBloPoMo. I figure that it will be a good opportunity to spread the word about adoption, so I’ll give it a try. (of course i am not always the greatest about follow through, so we will see)

Just in case you might want to learn a bit more about SPD, I have included some links to posts about SPD on some other blogs. This really is an issue that almost no one knows about except those of us affected by it. Hopefully after this past October, many more people will be aware.

Homemade Therapeutic Sensory Items

Living With SPD

What I Wish People Understood About SPD (part 1)

What I Wish People Understood About SPD (part 2)

SPD: Managing It Everyday (one family’s story)

SPD: What It Looks Like In Our Neighborhood

On Sensory Processing Disorder

SPD And The Adopted Child

For All Intersted In SPD (a look into spd in an adult)

Free Answers In Honor of SPD Awareness Month

Sensory Awareness Month (there is also a part 2 and 3 on this blog)

Sensing Something Different

SPD Awareness: Our Story


Jaimie says:

Thank you for linking to me, I really appreciate it 🙂 Now…even though the month is over, I’ve got to finish that post!


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