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{November 4, 2008}   The Randomness Hits Me

tagged_blogWell, it finally happened. I think I am the last person on earth for this, but I have finally been tagged to do the 7 Random Things about me post. I was tagged by MamaPoRuski who has a great heart for special needs orphans. You should really check out her blog, they are an amazing family.

So here are the rules:

1. Link to the person who tagged you and post the rules.
2. Share seven random or weird facts about myself.
3. Tag random people at the end of my post with their links.
4. Let each person know they’ve been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

Here’s the randomness about me:

1) I have an unnatural fear of calling people on the phone. I am always worried that I am calling someone at a time that his inconvenient for them or that they might not be in the mood to talk, so I almost never call anyone. That includes family. I also hate calling businesses and if I can email instead (or make the hubby call) I will.

2) I have two blogs that are in no way connected with the real me. I have a secret identity I guess. Both blogs are about things I want to do or enjoy but nobody (well, a couple people found out) knows that it’s me blogging there. I am even on a couple social networks with both personas. Does this mean I have multiple personalities?

3) I have never lived alone. I have either lived with my parents or with a guy (either boyfriend or husband) my entire life.

4) When I was a kid I hated pretty much every food on earth. Whatever my mom made for dinner I hated it. Being the youngest I was a bit spoiled and she would let me eat cereal for dinner instead. I owe my life to Life cereal. 😉

5) I always have dirty dishes in the sink. Even after I load the dishwasher I still have dirty dishes in the sink. I am not really sure how this happens. They just sort of seem to magically appear. I think the kids hide them in their rooms until they hear the dishwasher running and then they sneak them to the sink. If it wouldn’t cost so much I would seriously switch to always using paper plates, cups and plastic tableware.

6) I have only had one grandparent growing up. My mom’s parents died by the time she was 18 and my dad’s father died when my dad was 12. So all I have had was my paternal grandmother, and she didn’t really like us for some reason. I had no idea what grandparents were really like until I saw my parents with my nieces and nephews and then with my kids. I am sad I never had that in my life.

7) I can sing the ENTIRE theme song to Mr. Ed  (i watched way too much nick at night)


There you have it. My 7 random things. And I really would tag someone but I think everyone else in the world really has done this already. If you haven’t, consider yourself tagged.


Jen E says:

I’ve not done it yet and I needed new “blog fodder”. Count me in!!!!

Hating every food served at dinner sounds very much like my step daughter. She is incapable of saying anything tastes good so I know how you probably were. LOL

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