And She Lived…

{November 8, 2008}   And We Each Move Forward

Amazing things can come from adversity. Many families were affected by the unethical practices of AIP. It is how we all handled what had happened to us that mattered in the end. Some chose to put it all in the past and move forward, choosing to focus on their children and being strong and supportive families. Some worked to put an end to unethical practices of Orson Mozes and his agency. And others put forth an effort to make a change by creating their own orphan ministries.

For us, it has simply been the act of speaking out and spreading the word about AIP and agencies like them. We decided to make people aware that there are people and agencies out there that do not have the best interest of the orphans or the families hoping to adopt them in mind. There are those who will lie to you in order to get your money. Sad, but true.

One of the families who used AIP took what happened to them and used it as a reason to create their own agency and help other families adopt. Now, because I have not used this agency myself I can neither recommend nor discourage anyone to use them. I do know that the Boylan family has been through the hell that AIP put their clients through. They have seen the bad side of adoption, became stronger for it and chose to try and make a difference.

That was the reason behind the beginning of God’s Wating Children Inc. They are a Christian-based, non-profit 501(c)3 charitable organization registered in California. They strive to bring together abandoned children with their new forever families.

So, while those of us who were lured into signing on with AIP with lies and false promises went through so much adversity, we have come out stronger. And each of us, in our own ways, are moving forward and making a difference.


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