And She Lived…

{November 12, 2008}   Will You Be Touched By Adoption?

I want to post something for Adoption Awareness Month. I’m not up to writing anything original right now though. I am busy today and I am frustrated. Mostly I’m just dedicating to spending time with Meechi today. I went through some of my old posts to make sure I didn’t repeat myself when talking about adoption. I came across a post that really hit me. Who knew I had the ability to write something so touching? Well, at least it touched me. So what I decided to do for today is link to that post and a few others. Some mine, some belonging to other adoptive families. All of them touching.

My post, the one that really hit me today is I Cried Today

Another post of mine that is one of my favorites is Meechi Goes Bye Bye. This one touches on both attachment and some of his SPD issues.

I came across a post on the blog of another family who adopted from Kazakhstan that brought tears to my eyes. It is exactly the feeling that the experience of walking into the orphanage left in my heart. Please take a minute and read On Their Behalf.

I don’t know that I could pick any one post from The Lajoy Family blog. The whole blog is a testament to love of their adopted children and their journey to two more.

Ok, don’t want to overload you with too many links at once. I will probably post more later. Right now I am going to attempt to stack blocks without Meechi knocking them down before I get more than three stacked.


Cindy says:

I am beyond honored at your comments about our blog. Thank you for staying with us on our journey, anf for caring. Cindy

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