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{November 13, 2008}   He’s Just At a Tough Age

We are deep into our Christmas shopping. Which basically means that we are buying one or two presents a week until the big day arrives. We started in early October, so we’re almost half way through. The problem is, the present count is really lopsided right now.

Since Meechi is only two, shopping for him is easy. It’s too easy actually. There are way too many toys and things geared toward the preschool crowd. Which means right now he is in the lead on the present count. That’s not too big of a deal because his birthday is three days after Christmas, so anything over the number the other kids get just gets set back for a few days until his bday.

Shy is actually pretty easy to buy for as well. Some clothes, a couple of CD’s (no she does not have an IPOD and I don’t intend to buy her one anytime soon), a bit of jewerly, and a couple of books. Give her all that and she’s a happy girl. Her present count is just a couple under Meechi’s right now.

Bucky. Oh, Bucky! His present count it low. Way low. It is just too hard to shop for a twelve year old boy. What the heck do they want anyway? He’s too old to have much of an interest in toys. There are still a few that he likes. Like those little tech deck finger skateboards. You know, you can take the wheels off and put on new ones. Whatever, I don’t get it really, but he likes them and so do a bunch of other boys at his middle school. Of course I can’t just buy him those. He also loves video games, but I am not buying him a ton of those when he already has a ton and wastes too much of his time playing video games anyway. The only books he’s into right now is the Twilight series and Shy has those so he can just read hers. He’s certainly not into clothes right now. He’s just at a tough age to buy for!

I am on a search for a great gift idea for a tween boy. There has to be something. Any suggestions?


Chel says:

Griff is 10 and no easier. We had to sit him down a couple of years ago & explain that his gifts cost WAY more than gifts for a little girl. The amount of presents don’t equal in our house, but the amount spent usually leans his way. It’s just hard to buy for boys at this age.

And without an iPod… geez, iTunes gift cards are my fall back gift.

But what amount movie theatre gift certificates so he can go see movies with his friends? Or a gift card to a restaurant he likes? A jersey for a team he likes? Tee shirt from a band?

Kristen says:

It is such a difficult age that I opened a store for older kids! 12 is on the older side of what we carry (our clothes go up to size 14), but you might find something you like in the accessories or gifts sections.

I also like the movie gift certificate idea. Or how about a DVD rental gift certificate?

Good luck!

Robin says:

Sorry to tell you it doesn’t get any easier as they get older…at least not in our household! My children are 16, 13, & 11 (b,b, & g). And girls are SO much easier — Victoria loves clothes, purses, shoes, etc… (Do you have a store called Claries– girls LOVE it)— she too doesn’t have any ipod (and won’t). Now my boys 16 and 13 totally ‘nother story!!! I think we are going to do something different and maybe have their rooms painted and get some new (within a decent price range) furniture. But don’t stress yourself our about it— the day of Thanksgiving is coming and although it’s a horrible day to shop it is the BIGGEST shopping day in America and most stores offer great deals!!!
I just LOVE reading your blog!!! Our lives are so alike!!

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