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{November 16, 2008}   It Is Just Too Early For This

There are maybe 5 decent radio stations in this town. Maybe. Two that I listen to quite often, one that is soft rock that I listen to occasionally, one that is oldies and again occasionally listen and then one country station that I can tolerate with there is nothing on the others.

Right now, two of those five stations are playing Christmas music. They started it on November first and will play it until December 26th. Two months of nothing but Christmas music! Are you kidding me with this crap?!? That is WAY too much. It’s bad enough that I am having to think about shopping for gifts, I don’t want any more reminders that the holiday is right around the corner.

And what about Thanksgiving? Can we please get through that holiday before cramming the next one down our throats?

One of those stations has played Christmas music starting the day after Thanksgiving for years now. I actually have enjoyed that in the past. Then last year, the other station (which is one of my two faves) decided to do it too but they started on November 1. So this year, BOTH stations did that. It is just too early for this.

I want to listen to normal music for a while longer!


Jen E says:

I hear ya! When I sang in Christmas Concert with the County Chorale, we started practicing in August!!! By Christmas I was soooo done with holiday music!!

kimmie says:

Goes with the Christmas TV they’re already showing on ABC Family.

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