And She Lived…

{November 17, 2008}   is he out there somewhere?

Sometimes I want to go on one of those sites like e harmony. You know, just to see who my perfect match would be. What would he look like? Where would he live? Would he really share all or most of my interests? Hate the same things I hate?

I don’t really want to meet the guy. I’m not looking to hook up or find my life mate. I am married afterall. Happily married…. well, at least 80% of the time. Maybe 75. (snort) But really, I don’t have any interest in finding someone new. I think I’ll sitck with the guy I’ve got.

But I’m curious. I wonder. From time to time I just think it would be nice to know what my perfect match would be like.

You know how they say opposites attract? That’s me and my husband. Totally opposite. On nearly everything! So…. wouldn’t it be interesting to find out what a guy that wasn’t my opposite, but my match, was like?

I’ll never actually do it. but sometimes… it’s interesting to wonder.


J and I look at eachother and are thankful we have found the person we are going to annoy for the rest of our lives! Neither of us could ever imagine breaking someone new into our unique habits, so we are happy to be “stuck” together!

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