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{November 19, 2008}   The Perfect Gift For Tween Boys: Ridez from Ridemakerz

As you all know, I have been on a quest for a great gift for Bucky for Christmas. It is just so hard finding anything that a 12yo boy would enjoy other than video games. Well, I have found the perfect gift. Cool, new custom models known as Ridez. These things are fantastic for the indcredibly hard to buy for tween boy! Bucky got the chance to build his own Ridez, and he loved it. He had a great time building it and couldn’t wait to take it outside for a spin, despite the fact it was cold and dark. The dark didn’t matter, because his Ridez came complete with headlights! How cool is that?!?


 Ridemakerz is an incredibly cool new business geared especially towards boys ages 6-13, although any car enthusiast would love these. Everyone knows little girls love Build A Bear, but it lacks appeal for boys. This is a problem we moms of boys have had to deal with for years. Well, Ridemakerz is like Build A Bear with wheels, so now we have something just as cool for our boys.

If you are live on the East coast, look for a Ridemakerz near you. Or if you’re like me, and don’t live near a store, then check out and order a custom Ridez. 

So how does it all work? Boys get the experience of choosing all the elements of their Ridez and making their own custom car themselves.


CHOOZE: First, they can select which model of car they want. Viper, Mustang, Mini Cooper, Super Chief and more. Each includes a Freewheel Street chassiz, stock treadz & wheelz, working headlights & taillights, and the RZ Mix RIDESOUNDZ™.

 SONICIZE: Next he gets to select the sound he wants his Ridez to have. Beatz, Sirenz, Rockz or one of several others.

MOTORIZE: He can keep it freestyle or choose to upgrade and make his Ridez remote control. Personally, I recommend going RC!

MOBILIZE: Another fun feature is that he actually gets to choose from several cool looking styles of Wheelz and Treadz to add another awesome custom element.

CUSTOMIZE: What custom car would be complet without Side Pipez, Running Boardz, or Hood Scoopz?!?

PERSONALIZE: Don’t forget to get him some cool Decalz to decorate his new Ridez and truly make it one of a kind.

CRUIZE: Now he’s ready to take his new Ridez out for a spin.

This is truly something almost any boy would love to find under the Christmas tree. So, head on over to now and order yours. Ridemakerz is offering a special deal for you. By entering the code 93458 you will be entitled to $10 off a $30 RIDEMAKERZ purchase. This offer expires on January 4th, 2009.


Jen E says:

Kewl!!! I bet my Scott would love one!!! I’ll have to check it out! THANKS!!

Well it might say 6-13 but I think 3 until death might be a better one. My husband would even want to build one of those. What a cool toy for sure. Definitely something to keep in mind for the teenagers in my house too. 😉

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