And She Lived…

{November 21, 2008}   Busy Day

Not much time to post today, and I probably wouldn’t bother if I hadn’t comitted myself to doing that nablopomo thing. I’m not sure why I’m bothering with it really. I’m not getting much out of it other then the pressure to post each day. Haven’t used it to post much for National Adoption Awareness Month like I thought I would, or done any of the posts I have been thinking of doing for months now. (sigh)

Anyway…. we had a busy morning. We were heading to story time at the library and I also wanted to go to the bank to open a new account (not happy with the old bank, moving to a new one) and I needed to go by the elementary school. I decided to go to the school first thinking it would be quicker than the bank. I had a half an hour before story time and the school is just a few blocks from the library. I was going to enroll Meechi for preschool. (yes, they finally got all the evals done and got him approved for preschool)

I just figured it would take a few minutes to fill out paperwork and really didn’t think there would be much. It’s only preschool afterall. ya, right! I even had to sign the weapon policy saying he wouldn’t bring a weapon to school and the internet policy saying he wouldn’t look at any inappropriate sites. Are they aware he is only going to be three years old???? Whatever! anyway, the paperwork still could have been done in 30mins, but the lady in charge of it wanted to go over every single school policy with me. Both my older kids went to this school, I KNOW the policies pretty well after 7 years of having at least one child in that school. By the time she was done with that we were way past 30 mins and no chance to make story time. I did get to meet his teacher who seemed very nice and we saw his classroom. There was one little girl that came up to him and was asking if he was going to stay and was trying to talk to him. She was a little sweetie. I have a good feeling about this class for him.

After we left the school (an hour later) we headed to the library. We had missed story time but I had books to return and more I wanted to check out. Meechi loves playing with the puzzles in the kids library anyway, so I wanted to be sure he got time to do that. I talked with another mom there and Meechi played with her little girl. (i’ll post more on that later) Then we got our books and by that time it was almost noon and since hubby was coming home for lunch we didn’t have time for the bank, so we headed home.

Not sure if I’ll make the bank this afternoon. Probably not. I’ll probably put it off until Monday now because they are way too crowded on Saturdays. (sigh)

Meechi has a playdate at 2:00 and it is 1:30 now…… so, time to get ready to go. Oh! we are able to do an afternoon playdate because a certain someone has decided to give up his naps. I am so not happy about that idea!


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