And She Lived…

{November 23, 2008}   The Post You’ve All Been Waiting For

Okay, so I promised quite awhile back to post photos of my hair. You know, after the whole sleep haircutting incident. Well, I my usb cord was lost in the abyss known as my sons room misplaced, so I haven’t been able to. I finally found it, so I have no more excuses.

First, I’ll post a couple reminders of what my hair used to look like.

aug-oct-08-050   aug-oct-08-0221

You get the front view in the family photo. you also get to see Meechi having a meltdown, which is always fun to have documented proof of these.

In the photo from my parent’s 50th anniversary party you get to see the back view. Only look at the back of my hair and not at my flabby arse! Those are my parents boogying away in the photo.




Now for the after photos.

aug-oct-08-194see? giant, frizzy, mushroom shaped fuzzball!

but…. when I straighten it

aug-oct-08-178 it looks much, much better!


Yes, fabulous when straightened! Almost needs some more taken off LOL! And your arse is just fine BTW!

Sheila says:

I think your hair looks great both ways! Mine is straight, flat and in desparate need of a re-do before I give in to my OCD and chop it all off!

Chel says:

Ok, it’s actually really cute! And you look SO young! Geez, is everyone younger than me?!

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