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{November 26, 2008}   Why not just tell people “don’t adopt”

This month families all across the country are advocating for adoption. ABC is taking a different approach in this month of adoption awareness. They are trying to scare people out of adopting. Outrage over their upcoming story is mounting through the adoption community. I am among the outraged.

Watch this video promoting their upcoming story to see why.

RADD is a very real diagnosis for many adopted children, from both international and domestic adoption. However, they way ABC has chosen to showcase this disorder is appalling. RADD is something that can happen to a child who has neglected or treated poorly, or simply has lost trust in the adults in their life. Many orphans have good reason to feel all of those things. What these children need is love and understanding. What they need is a family with patience and a caring heart to help them heal. To help them overcome their fears and the neglect they have suffered in life. What they do not need is cameras following them around when they are already terrified and upset!!!

I will save judgement on the couple in this video until I have seen the full story. I doubt however, that it will make me feel any better about them. I don’t understand how they could possibly think it is a good thing for these young girls (girls that are now their daughters and are supposed to be getting love and support from their new parents) to have strangers come into their home and follow them around. Trust issues?!? Hell, yes these little girls should have some trust issues! Would you trust someone who asked strangers to come follow your every move and record it? Especially when the girls are so newly arrived to America. The video said they had been home just over a week. I am not sure if that meant that is how long they were here when they started to show signs of RADD or if that is how long they were here when they started filming them… but it bothers me either way that instead of comforting these girls, they decided to put them on display. And when I saw that so-called father drag that little girl out from under the bed………  *#(@&$&@$(&$)(*&#@!!!!!   Oh, right, I’m saving judgement on them. forgot about that for a second.

Please watch the video and share your thoughts with me.

and if you feel like it, send a little email off to ABC news

 http://abcnews. page?id=3271346& cat=20/20


Sheila says:

OMG!!! That made me so sick and angry!!! These are the kind of people who should have adopted an infant, then they would know how to better respond to an older child. People have the mis-conception that older children are easier – but in reality, they take as much patience as infants do.

I seriously cannot believe how they are treating these girls. They do want perfect children! It really breaks my heart to watch this!

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