And She Lived…

When I began blogging originally it was simply to journal my progress through international adoption. I learned through that experience how much of a release blogging can be when I am stressed. The year it took to complete the adoption was the most stressed filled of my life! After bringing my son home I started a new blog with a new purpose. That purpose was to work through issues I had with my life and with myself. It was another year of blogging and it helped me to reach the goal I had set for myself.

Now I start a new blog yet again. This time there is no mission. There is no goal. This blog is simply my place to write for the joy of writing. I don’t claim to write well. I don’t claim to be witty or insightful. This blog will not be the type that attracts a lot of readers or gets people talking. It is just my place to write about whatever I may be thinking at the time.

By the time I ended my last blog I had gotten to the point where I was concerned with how many readers I had. I was concerned with writing things I thought other people might want to read about. I lost sight of writing for myself and began to write for others. It was silly really considering I had maybe 7 readers. Well, it was silly anyway because it is not about anyone else… it is about me.

So, here you will not find memes. You will not find group writing projects. You will not find contest entries. You will not find long blogrolls or awards. I am not even going to concern myself with making the blog look unique or special. No extras will be found here. It’s not about appearances anymore. Here you will find me. The real me. No hiding behind a false name. Here I am just Kim. This is my life.


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