And She Lived…

Okay, so I promised quite awhile back to post photos of my hair. You know, after the whole sleep haircutting incident. Well, I my usb cord was lost in the abyss known as my sons room misplaced, so I haven’t been able to. I finally found it, so I have no more excuses.

First, I’ll post a couple reminders of what my hair used to look like.

aug-oct-08-050   aug-oct-08-0221

You get the front view in the family photo. you also get to see Meechi having a meltdown, which is always fun to have documented proof of these.

In the photo from my parent’s 50th anniversary party you get to see the back view. Only look at the back of my hair and not at my flabby arse! Those are my parents boogying away in the photo.




Now for the after photos.

aug-oct-08-194see? giant, frizzy, mushroom shaped fuzzball!

but…. when I straighten it

aug-oct-08-178 it looks much, much better!


I found this poem by Beth Moore. It really sums up a big part of my life and how I feel. My life is certainly not as I would have visioned it, but it’s the path I’m meant to be on.

The Life I Planned
from Things Pondered

Has someone seen the life I planned?
It seems it’s been misplaced
I’ve looked in every corner
It’s lost without a trace.
I’ve found one I don’t recognize
Things missing that were dear
Promises I’d hoped to keep
And dreams I’d dreamed aren’t here.
Faces I had planned to see
Hands I planned to hold
Now absent in the pictures
Not the way I told.
Has someone seen the life I planned?
Did it get thrown away?
God took my hand from searching
Then I heard him say,
“Child, your ears have never heard
Your eyes have never seen
Eternal plans I have for you
Are more than you could dream.
You long to walk by sight
But, I’m teaching eyes to see
I know what I am doing
‘Til then you must believe.”
He’s done so much, I felt ashamed
To know He heard my moans
To think I’d trade in all He’s done
For plans made on my own.
I wept over His faithfulness
And how He’d proved Himself
How He’d gone beyond my dreams
And said to Him myself,
“No, my ears have never heard
My eyes have never seen
Eternal plans you have for me
Are more than I could dream.
Yes, I long to walk by sight
But you’re teaching eyes to see
You know what You are doing
‘Til then, I must believe.”
I felt His great compassion
Mercy unrestrained
He let me mourn my losses
And showed to me my gains.
I offered Him my future
And released to Him my past
I traded in my dreams
For a plan He said would last.
I get no glimpse ahead
No certainties at all
Except the presence of the ONE
Who will not let me fall.
Are you also searching
For a life you planned yourself?
Have you looked in every corner?
Have you looked on every shelf?
Child, your ears have never heard
Your eyes have never seen
Eternal plans He has for you
Are more than you could dream.
Perhaps you long to walk by faith
But He’s teaching eyes to see
He knows what He is doing
Child, step out and believe.

{November 21, 2008}   Busy Day

Not much time to post today, and I probably wouldn’t bother if I hadn’t comitted myself to doing that nablopomo thing. I’m not sure why I’m bothering with it really. I’m not getting much out of it other then the pressure to post each day. Haven’t used it to post much for National Adoption Awareness Month like I thought I would, or done any of the posts I have been thinking of doing for months now. (sigh)

Anyway…. we had a busy morning. We were heading to story time at the library and I also wanted to go to the bank to open a new account (not happy with the old bank, moving to a new one) and I needed to go by the elementary school. I decided to go to the school first thinking it would be quicker than the bank. I had a half an hour before story time and the school is just a few blocks from the library. I was going to enroll Meechi for preschool. (yes, they finally got all the evals done and got him approved for preschool)

I just figured it would take a few minutes to fill out paperwork and really didn’t think there would be much. It’s only preschool afterall. ya, right! I even had to sign the weapon policy saying he wouldn’t bring a weapon to school and the internet policy saying he wouldn’t look at any inappropriate sites. Are they aware he is only going to be three years old???? Whatever! anyway, the paperwork still could have been done in 30mins, but the lady in charge of it wanted to go over every single school policy with me. Both my older kids went to this school, I KNOW the policies pretty well after 7 years of having at least one child in that school. By the time she was done with that we were way past 30 mins and no chance to make story time. I did get to meet his teacher who seemed very nice and we saw his classroom. There was one little girl that came up to him and was asking if he was going to stay and was trying to talk to him. She was a little sweetie. I have a good feeling about this class for him.

After we left the school (an hour later) we headed to the library. We had missed story time but I had books to return and more I wanted to check out. Meechi loves playing with the puzzles in the kids library anyway, so I wanted to be sure he got time to do that. I talked with another mom there and Meechi played with her little girl. (i’ll post more on that later) Then we got our books and by that time it was almost noon and since hubby was coming home for lunch we didn’t have time for the bank, so we headed home.

Not sure if I’ll make the bank this afternoon. Probably not. I’ll probably put it off until Monday now because they are way too crowded on Saturdays. (sigh)

Meechi has a playdate at 2:00 and it is 1:30 now…… so, time to get ready to go. Oh! we are able to do an afternoon playdate because a certain someone has decided to give up his naps. I am so not happy about that idea!

{November 20, 2008}   How Does He Know?

How is it that I can take a shower, or do the dishes, or put away laundry, or pick up ten thousand toy dinosaurs and Meechi sleeps right through it………..   but the second I turn on the computer and start to check blogs, the little monster angel wakes up?!?

As you all know, I have been on a quest for a great gift for Bucky for Christmas. It is just so hard finding anything that a 12yo boy would enjoy other than video games. Well, I have found the perfect gift. Cool, new custom models known as Ridez. These things are fantastic for the indcredibly hard to buy for tween boy! Bucky got the chance to build his own Ridez, and he loved it. He had a great time building it and couldn’t wait to take it outside for a spin, despite the fact it was cold and dark. The dark didn’t matter, because his Ridez came complete with headlights! How cool is that?!?


 Ridemakerz is an incredibly cool new business geared especially towards boys ages 6-13, although any car enthusiast would love these. Everyone knows little girls love Build A Bear, but it lacks appeal for boys. This is a problem we moms of boys have had to deal with for years. Well, Ridemakerz is like Build A Bear with wheels, so now we have something just as cool for our boys.

If you are live on the East coast, look for a Ridemakerz near you. Or if you’re like me, and don’t live near a store, then check out and order a custom Ridez. 

So how does it all work? Boys get the experience of choosing all the elements of their Ridez and making their own custom car themselves.


CHOOZE: First, they can select which model of car they want. Viper, Mustang, Mini Cooper, Super Chief and more. Each includes a Freewheel Street chassiz, stock treadz & wheelz, working headlights & taillights, and the RZ Mix RIDESOUNDZ™.

 SONICIZE: Next he gets to select the sound he wants his Ridez to have. Beatz, Sirenz, Rockz or one of several others.

MOTORIZE: He can keep it freestyle or choose to upgrade and make his Ridez remote control. Personally, I recommend going RC!

MOBILIZE: Another fun feature is that he actually gets to choose from several cool looking styles of Wheelz and Treadz to add another awesome custom element.

CUSTOMIZE: What custom car would be complet without Side Pipez, Running Boardz, or Hood Scoopz?!?

PERSONALIZE: Don’t forget to get him some cool Decalz to decorate his new Ridez and truly make it one of a kind.

CRUIZE: Now he’s ready to take his new Ridez out for a spin.

This is truly something almost any boy would love to find under the Christmas tree. So, head on over to now and order yours. Ridemakerz is offering a special deal for you. By entering the code 93458 you will be entitled to $10 off a $30 RIDEMAKERZ purchase. This offer expires on January 4th, 2009.

{November 19, 2008}   Pediasure coupons


This stuff is about all the nutrition Meechi is getting right now. You can read about it at Life With Meechi, if you want to know more.

You can not find these coupons online anywhere. It costs over $10 for a pack of 6 bottles, so it is getting really expensive for us right now. 

edited to add:  just found out you can call 1-800-227-5767 and select option 4. They will send you two coupons for $2 off pediasure. I have called, so I will be getting my two. If anyone else would like to call, but does not need them for themselves…. I would appreciate if you could get them for Meechi.


{November 18, 2008}   All They Want For Christmas

{November 17, 2008}   is he out there somewhere?

Sometimes I want to go on one of those sites like e harmony. You know, just to see who my perfect match would be. What would he look like? Where would he live? Would he really share all or most of my interests? Hate the same things I hate?

I don’t really want to meet the guy. I’m not looking to hook up or find my life mate. I am married afterall. Happily married…. well, at least 80% of the time. Maybe 75. (snort) But really, I don’t have any interest in finding someone new. I think I’ll sitck with the guy I’ve got.

But I’m curious. I wonder. From time to time I just think it would be nice to know what my perfect match would be like.

You know how they say opposites attract? That’s me and my husband. Totally opposite. On nearly everything! So…. wouldn’t it be interesting to find out what a guy that wasn’t my opposite, but my match, was like?

I’ll never actually do it. but sometimes… it’s interesting to wonder.

{November 16, 2008}   It Is Just Too Early For This

There are maybe 5 decent radio stations in this town. Maybe. Two that I listen to quite often, one that is soft rock that I listen to occasionally, one that is oldies and again occasionally listen and then one country station that I can tolerate with there is nothing on the others.

Right now, two of those five stations are playing Christmas music. They started it on November first and will play it until December 26th. Two months of nothing but Christmas music! Are you kidding me with this crap?!? That is WAY too much. It’s bad enough that I am having to think about shopping for gifts, I don’t want any more reminders that the holiday is right around the corner.

And what about Thanksgiving? Can we please get through that holiday before cramming the next one down our throats?

One of those stations has played Christmas music starting the day after Thanksgiving for years now. I actually have enjoyed that in the past. Then last year, the other station (which is one of my two faves) decided to do it too but they started on November 1. So this year, BOTH stations did that. It is just too early for this.

I want to listen to normal music for a while longer!

{November 15, 2008}   Caving to the Pressure

I have caved to the pressure and I am now reading Twilight.

I know most of the country has read or is reading this but I really wasn’t planning to. I mean, I DO realize that this book was intended for the tween and teen crowd. The I noticed so many adults talking about how much they loved it on their blogs. So then it became peer pressure.

I didn’t cave to the peer pressure though. Nope. I caved to the daughter pressure. My daughter actually wants to go see the movie with ME. Not with her friends. With ME. Well, doesn’t that just make this old lady feel special?!?! Of course I can’t go see the movie without first reading the book. So, that’s what I’ll be doing for the next week. You know, in my spare time. Spare time… the stuff in between the dishes and diaper changes and mom’s taxi service, and making dinner and playing with preschool toys and laundry and…. well, I’ll be reading it at midnight, but I’ll be reading it.

et cetera